Queen Charlotte brought her family's festive holiday yule bough from Germany to England. While planning a Christmas Day party in 1800 at Windsor Castle for over 100 children, she realized a single bough isn't enough. So she brought in the whole tree instead, making it the first known Christmas Tree in England. This story tells a little known fact about a favorite holiday tradition.

Did you know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, chose Queen Charlotte's birthday for their wedding date and Windsor Castle, where she is buried, as their wedding site? Check out this fascinating story on about Queen Charlotte and Meghan Markle.


“Simple prose and light watercolors keep this retelling of historical events within the understanding of children who like a good princess story.”—Kirkus Reviews

“This lighthearted narrative is paired with textured, colorful, and palette-perfect drawings to tell of a generous queen and the beginning of one of the most cherished Christmas traditions.” — Foreword Review

“This piece of history reads like a story, and the charming pictures add to the fairy-tale feel. But, as the author's note reveals, this is history—a little-known piece of it. There are many holiday picture books, but few are nonfiction, making this a worthy addition to Christmas shelves.” — Booklist