The William Hoy Story makes Best Kids Books for 2016 lists!

So honored to have THE WILLIAM HOY STORY honored in the Best Kids Books for 2016 lists for The New York Public Library and the School Library Journal. It's been a great year for Hoy, with the wonderful review from The New York Times, the spotlight from People magazine and a full page in USA Today Sports Weekly. I'm looking forward to more presentations with Hoy this year as I get ready for the launch of MANJHI MOVES A MOUNTAIN from Creston Books in September.

Newspaper, magazine, radio and T.V. coverage for William Hoy!

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Two-book deal with Wendy McClure of Albert Whitman!

So thrilled to report that my amazing agent, Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary, sold two new books to the wonderful Wendy McClure of Albert Whitman & Company: Making His Shot and The Princess and the Tree. Making his Shot, how Charlie Sifford Broke the Color Barrier in Golf will be published in Fall 2017, the same time that Manjhi Moves a Mountain will be published by Marissa Moss of Creston Books. The Princess and the Tree, the story of a kind, unconventional princess who brought the first Christmas tree to Windsor Castle, will be published in Fall 2018.

Go Rangers and William Hoy!

Had a blast talking with the wonderful Jared Sandler of 105.3 The Fan about William Hoy. Eric Nadel, Texas Hall of Fame Announcer, were your ears burning when I thanked you for all your help with the baseball details AND for reading the book this summer in more than 20 libraries as part of the fabulous Texas Rangers Summer Reading program? Not only will kids get a visit from the great Eric Nadel, he will donate a copy of The William Hoy Story to each library he visits!

Thank you, Maria Russo and The New York Times!

It's such an extraordinary feeling when a reviewer reads your heart at the same time she reads your book. Thank you, Maria Russo of The New York Times for this wonderful review! 

The William Hoy Story
Written by Nancy Churnin. Illustrated by Jez Tuya.
This delightful and illuminating biography recounts the extraordinary life of William Hoy, who was born in Ohio in 1865 and went deaf at age 3 after a case of meningitis. William adored baseball, practicing constantly, and he had a big, loving family who supported him when he was asked to try out for a professional team. By the time his career was over, he had revolutionized the sport by suggesting to an umpire that he make calls — balls and strikes, out and safe — understandable to him by using American Sign Language, along with saying the words. An added benefit was that fans in the stands would be able to know the calls immediately. Soon players and managers, too, took William’s idea a step further, using signs to communicate plays to each other without revealing them to the other team.

Anyone who plays or watches baseball today will experience a jolt of recognition as Churnin explains the genesis of this small but central aspect of the game. She tells William’s story patiently and clearly, with a wonderfully matter-of-fact tone about the ways a deaf person navigates life. She strikes just the right balance between reporting the hardships and discrimination he faced — an owner who tried to underpay him, fellow players who laughed at and tricked him — and emphasizing the personal grit that allowed him to persevere and overcome daunting obstacles. Tuya’s simple digital illustrations are filled with feeling and individuality, neatly conveying motion and action but also, somehow, the dignity of William’s silence.

32 pp. Albert Whitman. $16.99. (Picture book; ages 4 to 8)

Good Morning Texas...and William Hoy!

Had a fabulous time talking about William Hoy with Jane McGarry and Mike Castellucci on Good Morning Texas Thursday! They were super supportive when I told them of my plan to ask children to write letters and send drawings about why William Hoy should be in the Hall of Fame! Check it out:

More Hoy reviews on their way

Can't spill the details yet, but watch for more reviews of The William Hoy Story, How a Deaf Baseball Player Changed the Game. Looking forward to sharing as soon as the links go live! Thanks, too, to Daniel J. Vance for his interview with me for his wonderful Disabilities column that runs in multiple newspapers. I love the way Daniel shines a light on people who face challenges. I was moved by how he found the connection between my youngest, Josh, having meningitis as an infant and struggling as a toddler and the strong connection my family has developed with the special needs community. I have the interview posted in TALKING ABOUT on the blog, but you can see it here, too:

It's Almost Here!

It’s been a long journey, but now I’m happily counting down the days until The William Hoy Story: How a Deaf Baseball Player Changed the Game will be published March 1 by Albert Whitman and Company. I’m excited to share news about my book launch party at Barnes and Noble at Lincoln Park, Saturday, March 5 at 4 p.m. Yes, you’re all invited and please bring LOTS of friends. Check out The Hoy Newsletter, edited by the wonderful Gary Kaschak, of the Hoy for the Hall Committee. It has a long interview with me and lots of great stories about Hoy from all my fabulous fellow committee members, all of us dedicated to getting Hoy into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.  There are more interviews and news in the works, please check in for updates!